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solidarité avec les enfants du monde

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In Africa, Asia, South America and elsewhere, children are the first victims of poverty, sickness, wars and natural disasters.

L’APPEL is an international NGO which currently works in 10 countries: Burkina Faso, Cameroun, Congo Brazzaville, Haiti, Madagascar, Peru, Rwanda, Salvador, Chad and Vietnam. For over 40 years we have supported professionals and associations that work in their own countries to help children in difficulty. We carry out development projects to support children and their communities in three areas:

Health is an essential part of L’APPEL’s work. The programmes prioritise the health of children in need (including sufferers of malnutrition, premature birth, child cardiology disorders and disability), mothers during pregnancy and birth, access to health care and the battle against aids. To achieve improvements we provide training and equipment while respecting the system already in place.

L’APPEL works on programmes to give children the chance to attend school or take up professional training. Education gives children the ability to have a brighter future and is an essential part of escaping the poverty cycle. Many projects work to support access to education, either through child sponsorship or by providing funding directly to schools and training centres. There are also specific projects to help children living on the street.

Improving Living Conditions
Our programmes also work to provide access to safe drinking water by placing water pipes and rainwater cisterns and information on the use and conservation of water including sanitary education. We support rural development programmes and sustainable income generating projects to allow families to provide for themselves in the future.